Oval Gear Flow Meter SIRUS – DN50 – 2 Inch Maximum Temperature 100 Deg. Celsius

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  1. Overview

Oval gear flowmeter is a volumetric meter for continuous or intermittent measurement and control of liquid flow in a pipeline. It has many advantages, such as large range, high accuracy, small pressure loss, strong viscosity adaptability, measurement of high temperature and high viscosity liquid, convenient calibration, installation suggestion and so on. It is suitable for flow measurement in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, transportation, commerce, food, medicine and health departments.

LC series oval gear flowmeter is equipped with a pointer and printing wheel accumulation device, and can directly display the liquid accumulation flow through the pipeline on the spot. The accumulative, quantitative and instantaneous flow remote transmission control can be realized by attaching the transmitter and the electric display instrument to the counting mechanism. High temperature and high viscosity liquid can be measured by adding radiator or ellipsoid undertooth.

The flowmeter for different liquids (acids, bases, salts, organic solutions, etc.) can be made of different materials.

2. Structure and Working Principles

Oval gear flowmeter consists of flow transmitter and counting mechanism. A high temperature flowmeter if formed if a radiator is installed between the transmitter and the counting mechanism. The transmitter consists of a metering chamber and a sealing coupling with a pair of elliptical gear rotors. The counting mechanism comprises a deceleration mechanism, a regulating mechanism, a counter and a transmitter

 3. Oval gear flowmeter of high viscosity type

LC—NA High-viscosity iron casting type

LC—NE High-viscosity

cast steel type

LC-NB High-viscosity stainless steel type





Temperature range ℃

Conventional pointer type: -20~+80;High-temperature pointer type: -20~+200;

Conventional LCD type: -20~+60;High-temperature LCD type: -20~+150;

Precision level


Flow range   m3/h

Caliber (mm) Viscosity: 200—1000mPa.s Viscosity: 1000-2000mPa.s
10 0.04—0.3 m3/h 0.03-0.2 m3/h
15 0.2—1.0 m3/h 0.1-0.7 m3/h
20 0.4—2.1 m3/h 0.25-1.5 m3/h
25 0.6-4.2 m3/h 0.6-3 m3/h
40 2.1—10.5 m3/h 1.0-7.5 m3/h
50 2.4-16.8 m3/h 2-12 m3/h
65 6-28 m3/h 4-20 m3/h
80 (light type) 6-28 m3/h 4-20 m3/h
80 (heavy type) 8-42 m3/h 6-30 m3/h
100 10-70 m3/h 10-50 m3/h
150 27-133 m3/h 19-95 m3/h
200 48-238 m3/h 34-170 m3/h









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