Water Meter SIRUS- Dry-dial Brass body water meters Normal Temperatur (Max 50 Deg.Cel)

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The multi jet household water meter is suitable for residential water. The water meter uses liquid sealing technology, which has a strong waterproof and moisture-proof effect.

Features of multi-flow meters:

1. Smaller initial flow: the initial flow is less than 05L/h.

2. Strong adaptability to water quality: The anti-drip mechanism will not be blocked or stuck by impurities under 4mm in the water.

3. Good anti-stall performance: the sealing of the soft diaphragm and anti-drip mechanism can offset the water hammer pressure, and has good anti-stall performance performance.

4. High measurement accuracy: intermittent measurement in the trace state of 0.5L/h~8L/h, and the measurement error within this trace range is small.

5. Direct transmission is not affected by the magnetic field, the transmission resistance is small, the operation is sensitive and reliable, the range is large, and the measurement accuracy is high.

Product parameters:

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DN(mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50
Size(inch) 1/2” 3/4” 1” 1-1/4” 1-1/2” 2”
Length(L) 165/190 190 260 260 300 300
Width(W) 99/104 98 103.5 103.5 125 125
Height(H) 116/121 117 124 124 162 162
Connecting Thread D G3/4B G1B G1 1/4B G1 1/4B G2B G2 1/2B
Weight(kgs) 1.65 1.79 1.85 2.68 5.25 7.25


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